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45.- € Molecule 45019 model in carbon black. Its cut is a little more baggy than most other Molecule models and it has pocket press-buttons ...
Molecule long Travel Army Cargo Pants / Trousers "Venture" - Black

Shirts by Sure

SURE - Motif Shirts (Singlets, T shirts, Longsleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Longshirts, Dresses)

Sure is a Thai fashion label, which manufactures Shirts in many varieties: tank shirts / muscle shirts (for men very rarely and in very small runs, or selections), T-shirts / Tees, long sleeve shirts / thin sweatshirts with and without hood (hoodies) and for women as long shirts / dresses.

Particularly striking is the pleasantly soft and thin wrinkle-fabric (no ironing!) made of 100% cotton, which easily adapts to different body sizes due to its elasticity. Therefore, there is a lower esteem in the production that certain fixed sizes or size standards are met - the individual models, depending on the motifs and color may differ in size in each production. The information M, L, etc. are therefore only very approximately.

We take the effort to take measures of each shirt, so please always pay attention to our, indicated measurements on each product page. Of course, these are also only approximate due to the stretchy fabric and depending on where one applies the tapeline and how much the fabric is already wrinkled or stretched when measuring.

Another feature are the various great motifs that are imprinted on the shirts by a barely palpable plain black-print technique on colored fabric. The prints hardly wash out even after years and stay sharp even after repeated washing.

The prints are very different and various, we offer a large selection of Buddhist motifs, such as the Om symbol, Buddhas, Buddha icons or other mystical characters and symbols, Hindu God Ganesha with his elephant head, but also non-religious motifs of animals or Asian and other mythical creatures, superstars or z. B. an "antique" Harley Davidson.

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Show 1 to 21 (of in total 275 products)