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45.- € Molecule 45019 model in safari-green. Its cut is a little more baggy than most other Molecule models and it has pocket press-buttons
Molecule long Travel Army Cargo Pants / Trousers "Venture" - Safari-Green

Fisherman & Fishergirl - ingenious Wrap Pants from Thailand

Fisherman Pants / Wrap Pants

The Thai-Fisherman-Pants, or just Fisherman`s are wrap pants, which have due to their simplicity and convenience been sold very well since centuries.

Due to the simple wrapping technique the same pants can be worn by thick and thin, tall and small and fits everybody equally well.

How to put on a Fisherman Pants - Thai Fisherman Pants - wrapping technique instruction - Onlineshop-Asia

Put on the trousers with the laces on the back. *** Pull the trousers at the waist to one side (right or left) with one hand - pull it tight. *** Put the other hand on the belly so that the fingers are right at the edge of the hip. *** Flip the edge of the pants around the hand which is lying on your belly, so that the waistband ist overlapping on the front. The pants should now sit as smooth and tight as possible. *** Bring both laces to the front and tie firmly. *** Fold the protruding top of the trousers down over the tied laces and pull the fabric straight. *** done!How to put on a Fisherman Pants - Thai Fisherman Pants - wrapping instruction - Onlineshop-Asia

The trousers sit tightly on the hips and allow generous legroom and mobility, perfect for yoga, leisure, casual work, meditation, chilling, ...

The Thai fisherman pants are unisex and available in different fabrics and colours. Since „the Fishermen`s“ are adjustable in the waist and length, there is only one unit size per model.

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